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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Indonesian Presenter Cut Tari

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya
Jakarta, November 1, 1977

Weight Loss : 45 kg
Height: : 162 cm


Cut Tari or complete Anasya Cut Tari Aminah, known as a presenter, actress, soap operas and the big screen. Women born in Jakarta, November 1, 1977, Aceh has a blood descendant of his father, Teuku Joesransjah.

Women who also is familiarly called Lilly, began his career in the selection of artists from the Cover Girl 1991. Starting from that, he was then the chance to star in advertisements of products, including cosmetics and Pixy Young teens in 1993.

Meanwhile, her debut in acting as a guest star on the comedy fairytale SKY solicitation star comedian, Harry De Fretes. Continues then bid on the show SIDE-SIDE WORLD (1993) with a role as a maid.

Until now the wife of John Joseph Subrata, has starred in many soap operas, where the dominant role as an antagonist and fierce. Sinetron-sinetron these include, JOURNEY, Melati, my prayers my hopes, BLUE CAFE, DEWI FORTUNA, LAMENT stepchildren and flattered.

Wedding Dance by Joseph held in 2004 increasingly crowded with the presence of a daughter. Beautiful baby named Sidney born by Caesarean Azkassyah Joseph in a hospital in Jakarta on October 10, 2007.

After becoming a mother, Dance is still focusing on the entertainment world, but not as active as before. Now he more often appeared as a presenter at various events, such as INSERT hosted gossip.

In playing their role as presenter of infotainment, Tari became champion in the event of Panasonic Awards 2009 in Infotainment Presenter category.

Performers in the world do not make dance forget presenter career in acting. He went back to active playing soap operas, Pelangi, INTAN LOVE, LOVE INTEREST and most recently the Hafizah (2009).

June 8, 2010, Cut Tari tripped on its side with the circulation of news-like video porn himself and Ariel (Peterpan). According to experts, telecommunications, Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat, video is recorded for a duration of 8 minutes using a good quality HP about the period of 2006.

The circulation of pornographic video dance like him make a career in danger. On the same day the Department of Marketing and Public Relations TransTV, A. Hadiansyah Lubis, decided to rest my INSERT Dance as a presenter and also other programs that exist under TransCorp.

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Indonesian Sexy Artis Luna Maya

Luna Maya
Christchurch, August 26, 1983


Luna Maya began his career as a catwalk model stars, and then develop themselves in the role of art, whether movies or soap operas. Achievements prominence as a model is chosen as the Star Lux 2006 Luna.

Titled debut film, 30 DAYS FIND LOVE (2004), where in the movie, Luna antagonistic role as Barbara, a beautiful girl and sexy idol. Though a small role in the movie, Luna is considered successful.

Luna returned a year later involved in the film Brownies (2005). As in the previous film, the film was directed by the director Hanung Bramantyo, Luna still had a small role. Luna just get the main role, while starring in the ward 13 (2005) to portray the character of Mina's.

Name Luna getting bounced in the entertainment world, now play a role in the movie LOVE SILVER with Rima Melati and Catherine Wilson.

In addition to the above films, the former girlfriend Fachry Albar, also had starred in films ROOM, Jakarta Undercover, Alexandria and MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN.

Even in 2006, through the film managed to deliver himself ROOM nominated in the Indonesian Film Festival Best Actress category.

Students majoring in International Relations University of Paramadina also starred in several soap operas among them, AND, YOU AND ME, THERE LOVE, secrets and ANGGUN.

Luna's latest film titled IN THE NAME OF LOVE directed by the director of Rudy Soedjarwo.

Luna who became an icon of a product sponsoring the Beijing Olympics, a chance to carry Olympic flame in 2008 around the Istora Senayan. This activity as part of a ceremonial trip to the Beijing Olympic flame.

Besides actively in the world of entertainment, Luna is also doing business in the field of fashion, by opening a boutique called LM Hardware in Bandung and Jakarta.

Luna also increasingly shining star of 2008, as ambassador of one of Luna coupled electronics products, Toshiba, and also had become an icon

November 27, Luna opened a New Hair Glory Barber Shop in Kemang Jakarta 1 No.2B Unit 3. One of the stock when he had no longer exist in the world of entertainment.

Beginning in December 2008, Luna returned a relationship with a former boyfriend, Ariel Peterpan, the widower status after a divorce from Sarah Amalia on May 27, 2008.

Luna whose name had dicatut porn site on one of the more steady step in the entertainment world. His name is increasingly flying after becoming a presenter on RCTI GREAT music event which aired every day with artist Raffi Ahmad and Olga Syahputra.

Not only the world of acting and presenters who he wrestled, but Luna also tried singing world. With co-stars Sandra Dewi Sandra Dewi and he also contributes his voice to the soundtrack song for Euro 2008.

Luna had preached had been married with Ariel in Bali in April 2009. Suddenly alone, he was increasingly frustrated, because in reality she was not married at all.

Despite many rumors throws his life, but made his career more protruding. He was even more determined than ever to demonstrate his voice to the public. Together Raffi Ahmad, he contributed the voice on the song belongs to Olga Syahputra, Ghost (Destroyed My Heart). He was also assigned to fill the soundtrack of her latest film, the widow FLOWER (2009) in the song Voice (My Hope), a duet with Green Leaf Dide. In the month of fasting, he also issued a single Toward heaven.

Not quite so presenters, actors / soap operas and singers. Luna swept the world is now directing. He had the opportunity to refine the short film, THE HOLY AND THE CITY.

Coming to the end of 2009, Luna again became a byword. This is related to post a status comes from his Twitter account on the infotainment media.

Luna reportedly angry that the daughter Ariel, Alleia Anata, which he carried, at that time was asleep, was accidentally hit the camera reporter who will interview him.

After posting, the variety of comments aimed at the Luna, there is support and there are regrets his actions, because he is a public figure. Shortly after the incident, an account on Twitter has been deleted Luna, although previously he had apologized through his / her account.

Beginning in June, precisely June 3, 2010, Luna was tripped on its side with its circulation news similar porn videos themselves with Ariel Peterpan.

Responding to rumors that often hit tilted, Luna is more wise in attitude. Friday (04/06/2010) morning or the day after a video like him spread across the internet Luna spoke to the media after appearing in the GREAT at RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta. For Luna, what is more experienced libel and Luna would prefer silence to respond news circulating today.

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Indonesian Hot Artis Aura Kasih

Name:Sanny Aura Syahrani
Bandung, 23 Februari 1988


Sanny Aura Syahrani or better known as singer Aura Kasih is a newcomer in Indonesian music scene. Dara was born in Bandung, February 23, 1988 released her first album, ANGELS teaser in the year 2008. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalists represent the province of Lampung favor songs on her first album Let Love. The song is known for its singles dance-hall.

Let Love In addition, there are other songs in the album is the Treasure of Love, Bye Bye Na Song, Memory, Long Distance, For the Love, Currency Basket, Between Us, The Peak of Asmara, and Love the Dead.

Aura had reportedly close to vocalist Samsons, Bams Samsons, Ungu Pasha and also with Ariel Peterpan. Despite everything that contribute contested girl romance starring TWO DIANA released in December 2008.

In its inaugural debut film, Aura is not only acting he also sang the soundtrack of his who also became her second album PEAK Asmara. The album was released in 2009 and was a candidate Asmara song Do not Tell Anyone-Who (duet with Aliya Sachi).

Aura from the big screen now swept the world soap opera. He played in AURA, here he had to compete with Fachri acting Albar and Bertrand Antolin.

Beginning in 2010, became the beginning of the less pleasant for Aura. Absent from the schedule due to a gig in Makassar on January 15, finally the event organizer, Debindo Makassar will demand it with a large enough value, ie, Rp2, 26 billion. According to the management, then Aura is going to go to Makassar, but because there is a problem with his girlfriend, Kiki Haryanto, making it not so depart. Until now, the management did not know the existence of Aura.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vya Model

Vya Indonesian sexy Model
She is not a model but look at her pose.
she is just like the professional asian model .
she has amazing sweet smile which attract every young man

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Nadilla Ernesta Actress

Nadilla Ernesta Actress
Name : Nadila Ernesta
sex : Female
Stars born in Jakarta, 4 February 1988, the next action on the big screen with the headline Miracle (2007) and Hantu Ancol BRIDGE (2008).

Followed newest themed horror film, KERETA Hantu Manggarai.

Nadila Ernesta is a star action Indonesia. on through a role in culun It INIKAH sinetron (2004).

Sinetron HUMAN followed the next breath, GOD, Most Great, SECRET divine providence and divine.

Now my daughter pair Jessi and Hamid Hamid Imelda Irine Iknata this lecture on campus Sciences Fashion Institute of India, besides a number of fixed star sinetron and film.

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Eva Indonesian Model

cute and beautiful indonesian model photo

Eva Is beautiful indonesian photo model Girl

She has cute and pretty model photo girl

cute and beautiful asian model photo

Asian beaty, cute, girl

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Ayu beautiful indonesian photo model Girl

Ayu beautiful indonesian photo model Girl

She has cute and pretty model photo girl

cute and beautiful asian model photo

pretty, girl, sexy, woman

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Derbi Friendster girl

Female, 25, Single
Interested In: Relationship with Men, Friends, Activity Partners
Member Since: Sep 2008
Location: Jawa Barat, ID
Hometown: baNdoeNx
derbY's URL:

"baEx , pEnyaYang , tIdaK sOmbOnx , n" yanG paZti cAntiQ n sexY"

More About derbY

Schools (Other):
smP N 3, sMa N BPI 2, STBA yApAri ABA..

sInGer , DaNcEr, mOdEL , n' fEmALe pResEnTeR ..


Hobbies and Interests:
singing, dancing

Favorite Books:

Favorite Movies:
Kolosal, horror

Favorite Music:
dangduters, progresive house. .

Favorite TV Shows:
Termehek mehek

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